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Our vision is to reach youth through the 4-H Sportfishing Program and help to develop their heads, hearts, hands, and health. The comprehensive program offerings are designed to enable participants to become loyal citizens by acting as stewards of their environment, and demonstrating support for responsible recreational fishing. We believe that this can be accomplished by working in collaboration with the Alabama Department of Conservation to engage youth in a long-term, on-going, community-based sportfishing and aquatic resources education program.


  • Engage diverse youth audiences in hands-on learning opportunities that contribute to life skills development
  • Introduce basic angling techniques and water safety essentials
  • Provide training in the use of angling equipment and tackle crafting
  • Promote awareness of career opportunities in Fisheries and related fields
  • Educate participants about responsible fishing behavior and aquatic resource stewardship
  • Deliver technical knowledge to broad audiences related to the ecology and socioeconomics of fisheries management
  • Train 4-H Volunteers and Staff to plan and implement 4-H Sportfishing activities
  • Train adult participants in Positive Youth Development to enable them to become effective mentors and role models
  • Implement programming through 4-H Delivery Modes: Clubs, Enrichment, In-school Clubs, and Camping


Sportfishing Curriculum Cover
4-H Curriculum System Sportfishing Pieces

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