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Learn, Grow, Eat and Go!

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The Learn, Grow, Eat & GO! (LGEG) garden & nutrition curriculum emphasizes science, math, language arts/reading, health, and social studies through novel, teacher-created lessons. Through a linear set of academically-rich, proven lessons, your students will love learning about plants, what they need, how plants provide for our needs and how a class can work together to provide for their garden’s needs.

In addition to the base curriculum, LGEG also features opportunities for student fresh vegetable tasting/evaluation, simple “Garden Kitchen” classroom recipe demos of veggies growing in their garden and “Go Strong” activities breaks the research shows can improve on-task behavior and increase academic performance. In 10 weeks/2 lessons per week, this research & evidence-based unit of study will help your students establish an easy-to-create and even easier-to-maintain thriving school garden.

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