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Alabama 4-H

Body Quest

Body Quest

BodyQuest Goals

To combat obesity, Body Quest goals are to:

  • increase fruit and vegetable consumption and physical activity,
  • improve sleep hygiene and enhance family environments.

Third graders are engaged in the 17-weekly Body Quest classes with SNAP-Ed & 4-H educators using a battery of interactive, colorful and anime'-style materials. To promote fruits and vegetables, youth participate in weekly Warrior Tastings where they taste a variety of crunchy fresh produce. Youth are surprised that these foods, especially vegetables, taste good.

To make physical activity jazzy, Warrior Workouts are taught with a fruit and vegetable twist. Sleep hygiene and family engagement also are promoted. It can be as simple as avoiding certain foods before bedtime and taking a walk with your family.

Body Quest is funded through SNAP-Ed by the Alabama Department of Human Resources and the Alabama Cooperative Extension System.

Body Quest Curriculum


For more information, please contact Dr. Molly Gregg, Extension Specialist

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