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Unlock Your Leadership Potential

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Learning about leadership can be fun! Unlock Your Leadership Potential is the 4-H Leadership curriculum designed to help 12-18-year-old youth learn and practice leadership skills. This curriculum is divided into 8 lessons:

Lesson 1: What is Leadership?
Lesson 2: Understanding Self
Lesson 3: Communication
Lesson 4: Getting Along With Others
Lesson 5: Learning to Learn
Lesson 6: Making Decisions
Lesson 7: Managing
Lesson 8: Working With Groups

Each lesson comes with fun, ready-to-use learning activities designed to illustrate the key concepts of leadership. Unlock Your Leadership Potential is designed to be teacher-friendly, taking much of the guesswork out of teaching leadership skills to youth.

Unlock Your Leadership Potential Curriculum

For more information, please contact Joy Maxwell, Extension Specialist 4-H Youth Development

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