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Alabama 4-H

Fayette County

Fayette County 4-H Clubs, Advisory Committee, Youth Council, and Additional Information

4-H Clubs in Fayette County
  • General 4-H
    • Tri-County Home Schoolers
      Community Club
    • Tri-County Homeschool Cloverbuds
      Community Club
    • Homeschool Adventures Club
      Community Club
    • Hubbertville-4th Grade
      In-School Club
    • Hubbertville-5th Grade
      In-School Club
    • Hubbertville-6th Grade
      In-School Club
    • Hubbertville-6th Grade
      In-School Club
    • Hubbertville-7th Grade
      In-School Club
    • Hubbertville-8th Grade
      In-School Club
    • Hubbertville-After School Club
      After School Club
    • Hubbertville-High School
      In-School Club
    • Independent Members Club
      Individual Study
    • Berry-4th Grade-A
      In-School Club
    • Berry-5th Grade-B
      In-School Club
    • Berry-6th Grade-A
      In-School Club
    • Berry-Jr. High
      In-School Club
    • Berry-Sr. High
      In-School Club
    • Fayette County-Wide Leadership
      Community Club
    • Fayette 4th Grade
      3 In-School Clubs
    • Fayette Middle School-5th grade
      5 In-School Clubs
    • Fayette Middle School-6th grade
      2 In-School Clubs
    • Fayette Middle School-7th grade
      4 In-School Clubs
    • Fayette Middle School-8th grade
      5 In-School Clubs
  • Animal Science
    • Dairy Club
      Special Interest Club
    • Hearts & Hooves Horse Club
      Special Interest Club
    • Fayette County 4-H Lamb Club
      Special Interest Club
    • 4-H Poultry Club
      Special Interest Club
  • Natural Resources
    • Bulls Eye Bandits Archery
      Special Interest Club


Fayette Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee

Fayette County 4-H Youth Council

Youth Council

Fayette County 4-H Announcements

"For Art Sake!" Fayette County 4-H Summer Day Camp

  On June 8, 2017 8 Fayette County 4-H members attended the "For Art's Sake!" summer day camp. Participants received art instruction including geometric shape design,... more

Fayette County 4-H Summer Camp

Fayette County 4-H Summer Camp June 12 -14, 2017, 29 Fayette County 4-H participants attended 4-H Summer Camp in Columbiana, Alabama. Campers spent 2 days and... more

Fayette County 4-H Summer Day Camps

... more

Reality Check 2017

On March 31, 2017,  Fayette County 11th graders visited Bevill State Community College and participated in the ACES sponsored Reality Check program. Reality Check is... more

4-H Adult and Youth Advisory Meeting - March 28

Fayette County 4-H Adult Advisory   On March 28, 2017 the Fayette County 4-H Adult Advisory Committee along with the youth leadership council met to discuss upcoming... more

4-H Mid-Winter Teen Retreat

4-H State Ambassadors proudly presented the 2017 4-H Midwinter Teen Leadership Retreat at the Alabama 4-H Center in Columbiana, Alabama on February 3rd- 5th, 2017. ... more

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Cotton Production Calendar

Have you ever wondered what a cotton producer's year is like … If you... more

Alabama 4-H Awarded Prestigious MacArthur Foundation Grant for Robotics Digital Badges

A group of 4-H educators from across the United States with leadership from Alabama Cooperative Extension System Specialist Dr. Tony... more

4-H Enrollment Has Begun; Youth Find Programs Diverse; Fun

The beginning of the school year in Alabama also signals the start of the year for the state’s largest youth... more

National 4-H Congress Youth Learn Leadership Life Skills to Apply at Home

Four Alabama youth joined hundreds of 4-H’ers from across the country at the National 4-H Congress in Atlanta last month,... more

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