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Alabama 4-H

Fayette County

Fayette County 4-H Clubs, Advisory Committee, Youth Council, and Additional Information

4-H Clubs in Fayette County
  • General 4-H
    • Tri-County Home Schoolers
      Community Club
    • Tri-County Homeschool Cloverbuds
      Community Club
    • Homeschool Adventures Club
      Community Club
    • Hubbertville-4th Grade
      In-School Club
    • Hubbertville-5th Grade
      In-School Club
    • Hubbertville-6th Grade
      In-School Club
    • Hubbertville-6th Grade
      In-School Club
    • Hubbertville-7th Grade
      In-School Club
    • Hubbertville-8th Grade
      In-School Club
    • Hubbertville-After School Club
      After School Club
    • Hubbertville-High School
      In-School Club
    • Independent Members Club
      Individual Study
    • Berry-4th Grade-A
      In-School Club
    • Berry-5th Grade-B
      In-School Club
    • Berry-6th Grade-A
      In-School Club
    • Berry-Jr. High
      In-School Club
    • Berry-Sr. High
      In-School Club
    • Fayette County-Wide Leadership
      Community Club
    • Fayette 4th Grade
      3 In-School Clubs
    • Fayette Middle School-5th grade
      5 In-School Clubs
    • Fayette Middle School-6th grade
      2 In-School Clubs
    • Fayette Middle School-7th grade
      4 In-School Clubs
    • Fayette Middle School-8th grade
      5 In-School Clubs
  • Animal Science
    • Dairy Club
      Special Interest Club
    • Hearts & Hooves Horse Club
      Special Interest Club
    • Fayette County 4-H Lamb Club
      Special Interest Club
    • 4-H Poultry Club
      Special Interest Club
  • Natural Resources
    • Bulls Eye Bandits Archery
      Special Interest Club


Fayette Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee

Fayette County 4-H Youth Council

Youth Council

Fayette County 4-H Announcements

"For Art Sake!" Fayette County 4-H Summer Day Camp

  On June 8, 2017 8 Fayette County 4-H members attended the "For Art's Sake!" summer day camp. Participants received art instruction including geometric shape design,... more

Fayette County 4-H Summer Camp

Fayette County 4-H Summer Camp June 12 -14, 2017, 29 Fayette County 4-H participants attended 4-H Summer Camp in Columbiana, Alabama. Campers spent 2 days and... more

Fayette County 4-H Summer Day Camps

The post Fayette County 4-H Summer Day Camps appeared first on Fayette County Extension Office... more

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Cotton Production Calendar

Have you ever wondered what a cotton producer's year is like … If you... more

Alabama 4-H Awarded Prestigious MacArthur Foundation Grant for Robotics Digital Badges

A group of 4-H educators from across the United States with leadership from Alabama Cooperative Extension System Specialist Dr. Tony... more

4-H Enrollment Has Begun; Youth Find Programs Diverse; Fun

The beginning of the school year in Alabama also signals the start of the year for the state’s largest youth... more

National 4-H Congress Youth Learn Leadership Life Skills to Apply at Home

Four Alabama youth joined hundreds of 4-H’ers from across the country at the National 4-H Congress in Atlanta last month,... more

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