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Frequently Asked Questions about Weddings & Receptions at the 4-H Center

Where can I get ready?
We have guest rooms which you may rent overnight. We also offer a Hospitality Room which rents for $250 per day.

Where can guests park?
There are a few parking spots immediately at the chapel, and cars may be parked anywhere there is an available space. Parking is not allowed on the ball field, except when handicap-accessible parking is required.

How will guests get from cars/chapel to event site?
Typically, guests prefer to park and walk. However, we offer shuttle service with driver, either a golf cart for $25 per hour, or a minivan for $40 per hour, with a minimum of four hours. You may have someone perform this service in your own van, car or cart if you would like.

Can we use your golf carts?
We will be happy to provide this service for you for a fee, or you may bring your own golf carts to use on site. All 4-H Center vehicles must be operated by 4-H Center staff.

Do you provide catering?
We offer full-service catering. Please see the Catering information for pricing and selections.

Will your catering staff serve my guests?
If we are providing catering, we will set up the food and replenish, maintain the serving area for cleanliness, and clean up the area after the event. The set-up is typically self-serve buffet-style; clients will need to provide punch-servers and cake-cutters, if so desired. These services may be provided for an additional fee.

What type of serving plates/utensils are used by your service, if I choose your catering?
We use 6” or 8” clear plastic plates, clear plastic forks, clear plastic cups, and heavy-duty paper napkins (if your own are not provided).

Can we take leftovers with us?

Why is there a $2 per person outside catering fee?
When we provide in-house catering, we control the cleanliness and maintenance of the rented area immediately. If an outside caterer is used, we are still required to meet these requirements of cleanliness after your event.

I am renting the pavilion. Where can my caterer prepare/store food?
There are no food preparation facilities available, but there is a deep-freezer and a refrigerator in the pavilion storage room.

I am renting the Auditorium. Where can my caterer prepare/store food?
For an additional $250 per day, you may rent the catering kitchen adjacent to the auditorium. The catering kitchen features food preparation areas, warmers, refrigeration and an ice machine. Please note that we guarantee the availability of ice. The catering kitchen is not a cooking facility but is a holding and preparation area.

Where can my florist store flowers?
There is not a refrigerated area available for flower storage.

Can you host rehearsal dinner?
We can provide food service for a rehearsal dinner. Menus begin at $16.50 per person and up. The side dining room is generally used, as we continue serving other groups. You may decorate the side dining room as time allows.

How early can we begin decorating chapel/pavilion?
The terms of your rental agreement will be stated on your booking agreement. If space is desired on the day prior for rehearsal it should be rented to guarantee its use.

Are there lights at the chapel/pavilion?
Yes, there are path lights to the chapel, as well as interior lighting in the chapel. The pavilion is lit by sodium lights at night.

What type set-up do you provide?
We will set up our 6 ft. rectangular tables and brown metal folding chairs according to your drawings and numbers in your reception area. If you need additional tables or chairs at the chapel a fee will apply at a rate of $2.00 per chair and $3.00 per table. If you rent tables and chairs from a company, you will be responsible for set up and take down. We do not have round tables.

What happens if the weather is bad?>
All space is rented as-is, regardless of the weather. We do not provide a “back-up” space. However, if you would be more comfortable renting additional space just in case, that is certainly an option, based on availability.


Can we throw rice/birdseed?
No, but alternative, non-littering send-offs such as bubbles are welcomed.

Is there somewhere out of town guests may stay?
We do have space available for lodging. Guest rooms are available at $80 per room per night. Prices do not include tax; space depends upon availability.

How do guests reserve rooms?
When a wedding is contracted, there is the option of holding rooms for guests, if they are available. Guests may then be directed to call the Center to make their individual reservations, which requires either a credit card or debit card to guarantee. The Center will take these reservations and advise the wedding party on how many of the rooms they are holding have been booked. The release date for guest rooms is stated on your booking agreement. Any rooms NOT released by the contracting wedding party OR the guests who have made reservations will be considered guaranteed and will be charged to appropriate accounts if those who reserved do not show.

Is smoking allowed on site?
There are designated smoking areas and ashcans provided in these areas. We do not have smoking rooms. Guests who smoke in nonsmoking rooms will be assessed a minimum of $75 cleaning fee.

Is food service available to guests staying onsite?
If there are more than 10 people interested in having a meal at a given time, we will set up a food service time. Meals MUST BE GUARANTEED 14 business days in advance of your event. Prices for standard cafeteria style meals are $8.00 breakfast, $10.00 lunch, and $13.50 dinner. Price is per person and does not include 5% tax. We reserve the right to determine menu.

When is check in/check out?
Rooms are generally available for check in by 2 pm and check out is at 10 am.

Can we bring our pets?
We do not allow pets on site, in any meeting rooms or in any guest rooms.

Is alcohol permitted?
Alcohol is permitted, although we cannot sell or serve it. Open containers are not allowed on the grounds or in any public areas; please restrict consumption to the area you have rented.

Are bands or dj’s permitted?
Yes, there are adequate power sources both on the pavilion and in the Mayfield Building. Your performers must respect the times of your use agreement as well.

What items may be rented from the 4-H Center?
We offer a PA system for $75 per.

When is my deposit refunded?
The deposit is non-refundable. Within six months of event date additional fees may apply. A security deposit of $250 is applied to your final bill and will be refunded if no damages occur within one week of your event date. Any additional costs associated with the event (damages, unpaid hotel rooms, missing items, etc) will be subtracted from the deposit before the remainder is refunded.

Please note the bill must be paid in full one week prior to the event. The security deposit is refunded separately.

Do you have a list of outside event services?
Click here for a list of outside sources for wedding services. We make no recommendations on the quality of services provided by these sources.


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“In my 20+ years of doing event management, I’ve never had a more pleasant, successful experience.”

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